1. Equanimity Reviva 2:11

The song and album title come from a Buddhist meditation that singer Chris says every morning. The idea is to repeat the mantra 4 times, focusing first on yourself, then someone who is neutral to you, someone you consider challenging or an “enemy” to your beliefs, and finally someone close to you. The phrase goes: “May you feel safe, light, and secure. Free from anxiety, attachment, and aversion. Full of love, joy, compassion, and equanimity.”

  1. Be Nobody Else Reviva 1:50

Speaks of the struggles of having to fit into society. We all have a deep innate desire to be who we really want to be, but few of us get the opportunity to do what we want for a living given the pressures of everyday life.

  1. It All Runs Down Reviva 2:59

An ode to karma. The one thing that always comes back to you, either good or bad. Performed at many Peace Corps events. The tune expresses the lessons learned during Peace Corps Service. Special thanks to the Choir at God’s House in Albuquerque NM for appearing on this song.

  1. Neva Give Up Reviva 1:23

The message of this song is that no matter how bleak and dark things look, each of us must dig deep down inside and bring out the best we have to offer. This is the only way we can unite, follow our dreams, and shine.


Take Me Away

Take Me Away is a song written from the perspective of the many immigrants and refugees living in the U.S. who are now afraid that they will be separated from their families and sent home to countries where their lives may be in danger or there may be no hope for them. As singer Chris’s own grandmother and wife came to this country as immigrants, it is an issue very close to his heart.  The song is a reminder that the only people who did not come to this country as immigrants or refugees were Native Americans.

Run Around

Run Around is a song written by Rick Gonzales that people everywhere can relate to. Working long hours for little pay and recognition is common, but not a healthy way to live. Many people have sacrificed their lives for corporations that are not sensitive to the negative effects their way of doing business have on employees and the planet’s dwindling natural resources. We are often given the “Run Around”, forced to work long hours in what many people refer to as the “rat race”. Rick’s message, along with Chris’s verses in Spanish, is about empowering people to escape this way of life and find their true calling to give back to themselves and their community.


The song Change is a metaphorical song that is a response to any person or country who does not accept you for who you are, and wants to make you “better.” It is human tendency to think that other people need to be saved or rescued, both on a macro level as well as in relationships. This song challenges that notion, saying instead that any lasting change, whether personal or on a national level, must begin from within. Change cannot be forced or pressured. It begins with each human being making a conscious decision to improve themselves.  No outside influences are necessary.


Irie is a term predominantly used in Jamaica and the Caribbean to convey good, positive vibrations. It is also used as a salutation in Jamaica and other countries. The notion of being Irie is often confused with being “high” or partying, but this is a misinterpretation. Irie is a state free from worry about the past or future, living only in this moment, and seeing things clearly. Living life in an Irie state allows one to make good decisions, let go of pain and suffering, and enjoy life to the maximum. The song is also a tribute to Lucky Dube, one of the greatest Reggae artists.

Sweet Lagoon

Sweet Lagoon is a pure reggae tune that Chris wrote during his Peace Corps Service while living in the community of Pearl Lagoon. Pearl Lagoon is a municipality and lagoon located on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, made up of mostly Creole and Miskito Indian people. In the 9 communities around the lagoon, there is also a Garifuna and Spanish-Speaking community. The band toured the communities around the lagoon in 2014, and was amazed at thecultural exchange provided by community leaders. Pearl Lagoon is Chris’s second home, where he visits at least once a year.

Caribbean Girl

Caribbean Gal is a song co-written by Colin Diles Hazelbaker and Chris. It is a dance tune that shows tribute to the beauty and elegance of Caribbean women. As Reviva toured the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in 2014, they were moved by the level of generosity, style, and positivity that women in the region expressed toward foreigners, despite having to deal with extreme poverty and injustice.

Grandpa’s Song

Grandpa’s Song is a tribute to Chris’s late grandfather, Wilfred Brennan, who passed away in 2016. His grandfather was one of his greatest influences and role models. A World War II Veteran and father of 7, Chris always admired the self-discipline, generosity, and kindness that his grandfather showed to everyone. His Grandfather was a man of his word who treated people with respect, something to be admired in a time where few men display such character. For 20+ years, Chris, along with his mother, father, stepmother, and Uncle Vernon, had Sunday dinners with Grandpa Wilf. It was such a priority to Chris that he would leave concerts early on Sundays to be with his grandfather. The family loved listening to his stories of war, love, business, and humor, many of which they carry on today. Some of the lyrics to Grandpa’s Song were printed on his memorial card.

The Answer

The Answer tells the stories of people in developing countries around the world dealing with the negative effect of human-caused climate changes. While it remains a political issue in the U.S. due to large companies investing in politicians’ pockets, in most other countries around the world it is accepted as fact. From Alaska to South and Central America, India, and the Solomon Islands, people are losing their livelihood and sources of food. Storms and natural disasters are causing unprecedented damage. We have reached the point where it is too late to not take action on climate change, and each one of us living more conscious lives is the only way to move forward.


Our goal was to create an album that is inclusive of everyone and spoke to some of the major challenges our global society currently faces. As climate change is rapidly increasing, war and poverty are on the rise, and racial and religious tensions are at a climax, Equanimity is Reviva’s musical response to these challenges. The term literally means “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.” We feel calmness and evenness of temper are the only ways to overcome these challenges as a human race. We must learn to treat these challenges with compassion and consideration for all involved, rather than through the lens of just one race, creed, or nation. At the end of the day, by acknowledging the inherent value of all living beings, we can work together to form a more equal global society.

Equanimity comes from an understanding that everything and everyone is connected. Since this is true, by doing harm to your enemy, you are really doing harm to yourself. It is the same with the environment the planet, and all living beings. By not respecting and loving those who look, talk, and think differently than ourselves, we are really disrespecting our own family and friends. In these highly-polarized times, equanimity is extremely important if peace is to be achieved. Seeing difficult challenges such as the refugee crisis, climate change, war, and famine through the lens of equanimity allows us then to treat all beings as if they were our own family.

We are infinitely proud of and excited to release our debut album, Equanimity. The album was produced by multi-Grammy award winner and Ziggy Marley bassist Pablo Stennett, whose relentless passion for music could be felt throughout the process. It was an honor to work with Pablo and his core team as they put in countless hours at Central Root Studios in Albuquerque, NM, along with Central Root owners and engineers, Colin Diles Hazelbaker and Mike Gerdes. They often worked 15 hour days piecing together parts and ensuring that we got the right sound we wanted for our reggae/rock/pop album.

The album was produced in a collaborative manner, as we brought in many studio musicians such as Audley “Chizzy” Chisholm, a veteran guitarist who’s toured and recorded with Maxi Priest, The Wailers, Big Mountain, Lauren Hill, Steel Pulse and Shabba Ranks to name a few, and Pablo’s son Brandon Stennett, who’s an amazing and gifted drummer. The melodic background vocals were performed by Shanera Johnson and Brandon Peace.  Special thanks to Engineer Timothy Armstrong, and to Dino Monoxelos who’s bass lines can be heard on “It All Runs Down” .  Other talented musicians and instruments also contributed: Brass section, Strings section, Harmonica and Keys which can be heard throughout the album, and special thanks to Shawn Pitt and the Choir at God’s House in Albuquerque NM for appearing on “It All Runs Down”.

One of the most exciting parts of the project was working with legendary Sound Engineer Errol Brown, who mixed albums that forever changed the lives of the members of Reviva. From Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Carlene Davis, Duane Stephenson, Busy Signal, Cultura Profetica, I-Threes, and the Marley family, Errol is considered the most accomplished Sound Engineer in the history of reggae. What was most surprising was his humility and candid advice for young men from New Mexico taking a shot at producing what we feel is our best work yet.

The band members, along with Producer Pablo Stennett and Co-Producer Rena Braud, dedicated their time to create this unique album that we know will reach audiences worldwide. As it will soon be in the hands of our fans and the World, we feel confident that the songs will make people want to dance the night away, and hopefully also take a moment to consider a message that we think is pertinent in the times. We want to thank all of our families who sacrificed so much to make this happen, and look forward to coming to a town near you soon to share the songs from our album Equanimity!

The Equanimity Album was mixed by Errol Brown at Branat Studios and mastered by Herb Powers of Powers Mastering Studio.